A link-sharing, lead-converting tool from Fundzen, for financial advisors, fintechs and other investment professionals and teams.

What’s INVST?

If you’re an investment professional sharing links to 3rd party content on Twitter, LinkedIn or other sites, wouldn’t you want to track and convert people who click on your posts into leads for your sales funnel? With INVST from Fundzen, it’s easy.

With a paid account at INVST, our link-shortener becomes a lead-building tool that converts any link — even ones to 3rd party articles and videos — into a system that adds unobtrusive tracking codes for Google, LinkedIn and other platforms to your readers’ browsers. You and your team can identify users by the topics they show interest in, eventually promoting tailored content to bring them back to your site, where you can ease them through the next step of your sales funnel. We can even work with you to integrate sales-attribution data into your CRM.

If you’re interested in getting a lead-building INVST account for you or your team, please contact Fundzen today. Pricing starts at $20/mo plus setup, for individuals.

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